Full Dance: Goodbye Maya - Nia Frazier

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color palette meme [link to list if you want to send some]
dance moms girls + shades of purple for paigeluk

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Dance Moms + Stills [x]

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"I’d definitely like to be able to act and sing too because just dancing in movies and acting in movies would be one of my goals in life, so, I hope I get to do that." 

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How long do u dance a week ?do u like it ?is ABBY always mean or just in the show

Um I dance 2 hours a week and I don’t dance at the ALDC I live in the south??

This isn’t actually Paige, it’s a fan account for her lol my name is Megan, as it says in my bio. 

But I took a masterclass with Abby and it was good she’s very tough but for good reason like I can see where she’s coming from with most of her teaching; I still think the non dance related comments she makes are unnecessary and uncalled for

you don’t have to bend until you break

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Truly you don’t have to worry darling until night. We won’t let the night things come in the day.[x]
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kiss or get off the pot:  chloe lukasiak

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The Zieglers at the 2014 Industry dance Awards

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Maddie and Kendall’s selfies are perfection

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Because Chloe’s facial expressions are stunning

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